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DAMA Organization
May 19, 2019
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Job Title: HR & ADMIN OFFICER                




  1. Ensure that all Human Resources Policies are properly implemented, acknowledged and communicated to all staff.
  2. Ensure that all staff are paid correctly according to their earned monthly compensation and on time.
  3. Ensure a smooth, transparent and correct implementation of the recruitment procedures.
  4. Maintain proper employee filing system with all the required documents according to standard Employee File requirement in both soft & hard copies.
  5. Maintain the application & follow up on national/donor regulations, communicate them when needed.
  6. Ensure proper staff development & training within the organization, in compliance with the organization procedures.
  7. Ensure all staff attendance is tracked and monitored on a daily/weekly/monthly basis (upon the requirement) of all the facilities.
  8. Assist the HR Manager in the processes of Performance appraisals, Complaints & Grievances.
  9. Ensure a smooth employee contracting & separation procedures.


NO RESPONSIBILITIES TASKS 1. Maintain the application of HR procedures & policies among the staff. Communicate those policies & procedures to employees in an effective way. ·         Read, understand and comprehend the HR Policy Manual & Procedure of the organization.

·         Outline a proper effective ways to communicate the information to the staff.

·         Support the implementation of the policies among the staff. 2. Generate/Prepare the monthly payroll information according to employee attendance, leaves, deductions, overtime, employee changes, wages, and  allowances etc. ·         Update the monthly staff list who are eligible for payment.

·         Update the attendance information of all staff, their deductions, leaves & report to the finance department.


3. Participate in the implementation of the recruitment process in coordination with the HR Manager and ensure documentation of all the steps. ·         Post Ad,

·         Receive, collect & short list resumes.

·         Prepare all Recruitment Process relevant documents.

·         Proper filing of the entire process documents according to the HR policy.

·         Contact candidates & schedule interviews.

·         Assist in conducting interviews when necessary.

·         Prepare offer letters & contact selected staff.

·         Conduct on boarding orientation/induction. 4. Store employee documents in a solid/organized filing system according to the department requirements (in both hard & soft copies) ·         Maintain & update employee files (Soft & hard copies) on a regular bases.

·         Track the documents validity of the employee file and update them when needed.

·         Place/store each employee related document into the employee file after validating it (Contains all proper signatures, stamps, info, attachments etc.) 5. Follow up, understand and apply the national/donor regulations and report them when necessary. ·         Attend meetings with external parties to collect information (and report them).

·         Conduct visits to government directorates when necessary to collect information & updates. 6. Assist the HR Manager in preparing development plans, assessments for staff development. Organize training sessions (when required) while ensuring proper documentation is included. ·         Prepare development plans according to the employee goals and KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

·         Organize training sessions for staff capacity building and ensure all proper documentation is available and is executed properly. 7. Track & monitor employee attendance, leaves, office hours, field hours. ·         Reporting daily attendance reports to the HR Manager & head of facility according to our specifications.

·         Track employee leaves and record them regularly in the leave tracker (once the form is completely signed) 8. Assists the HR Manager in the process of Performance Appraisals. ·         Preparing all documents and tools according to the policy.

·         Analyzing the final results, conduct interviews with staff about the results.

·         Report the process stages and progress. 9. Receive, process, report complaints & grievances from all staff. ·         Receive, process, report the complaint.

·         Take proper actions according to the policy manual.

·         Conduct necessary interviews to solve conflicts. 10. Field staff monitoring (general status, complaints, motivation, satisfaction, productivity, commitment) ·         Conduct scheduled regular field visits to our sites and facilities to monitor the staff.

·         Send a report of the visit findings and notes to department manager. 11. Responsibility of preparing contracts and/or amendments for current/new employees according to the requirement of projects/departments. ·         Prepare contracts according to the regular format.

·         Ensure that the employee has read and understood the contract terms (explain when asked).

·         Provide a copy of the contract/amendment to the employee and store one In employee file after validating it (necessary signatures, stamps) 12. Ensure a smooth employee separation process. ·         Ensure resignation letters are received for employees who intend to leave

·         Conduct exit interviews in specified formats and to be shared with responsible managers.

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