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We would like to draw your attention that we as the group admins have nothing to do with the selection process for the advertised positions.
Thus, we have noticed many member are complaining about the envisaged issue. Taking into consideration the current economic situation in the Kurdistan Region, the need for an income source has become vital. Thus, only qualified people are getting chances as well as those who have good connections.

It is worth mentioning that we as admins of this group are posting these job announcement as volunteers. We don’t expect anything in return though it is time consuming. However, this is all done to ease your access to these job announcement and avoid going through various websites looking for vacant positions

One last thing to say, I would like to thank you all for being part of this group, Let us continue help together to make 2017 a year of change in life of people not only those whom we know but anyone who is in need of assistance. Please accept our best wishes for good luck.

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